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21, Melbourne, no pants, coffee, cigarettes, gin, milksteak. I have no ambition and even less purpose in life.
Not really Mac's mom, just her biggest fan.
Anonymous asked: why do australians drink so much alcohol..



to forget that tony abbott is essentially in control of our lives

i will NOT be made to feel bad over my love for kanye west

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hearing your voice through a recording



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here are all the animals



  • birb (tall birb, short birb, and the big mouthed birbs)
  • snak and leggy snak of varying sizes/shapes
  • pup pup (including big pup pup and small pup pup)
  • kity (big kity, fast kity, and small kity)
  • buggy
  • large ones that will bully you for a pellet at the petting zoo

thats all the animals

was this written by bob fossil??

I am a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters. It’s amazing I’m here at all.

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australian government: work for the dole

australian government: oh wait by work we mean apply for 40 jobs a month and do 25 hours of community service per week but we still won’t pay you for six months, good luck if yr a single parent, undereducated, disabled or in any other way disadvantaged btw we have no jobs lol

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